We’ll take it from here

Our tech lab is home to a wide range of passionate developers and creative heads ready to use their skills in

  • Content creation

  • Conception

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

  • Software developement

  • Event creation

  • Tradeshows

Our tools & solutions

As a tech lab we have a thirst for technology and progress. Naturally this results in a wide range of products we are able to offer


Plug & Play or tailormade – get ready to transform your client experience

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Digitizing experiences with B4Rscan

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Virtual & Mixed Reality

Impress your clients with immersive product experiences

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Augmented Reality

Exceed the limits of todays technology by adding a whole new level of information

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Create interactive call-to-action videos in 360°

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Take off and provide a new perspective

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From multitouch screens to transparent displays to VR headmounts – you name it, we have it

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