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B4R tiles

B4R attention analytics

Tailor Made


B4R FairOrder allows you to order food and beverages or booth related items directly to your booth.
All orders will be logged and reported to you afterwards, while you keep track of costs and ordered items at all time.

To use B4R Fair Order you need to be registered as a supplier or customer. 

Get in touch with your exhibition organizer and ask for B4R Fair Order or contact us directly.

Digitize your exhibitor catalogue, allow suppliers to upload and manage their own products, manage exhibitors, suppliers and orders with just a finger tip.

Upload and manage your own products, keep track of in- and outgoing orders via browser based platform and equip your staff with a simple app.

Order everything you need at your booth with a fingertip. On the fly and always in time, delivered by the closest suppliers.

B4R tiles

Present content on any touch display. Upload your files via B4R tiles CMS and customise the entire design. No developer or programming skills needed – it’s that simple!

Multitouch application

Easy and quick content integration

Compatible with any touch display

Userfriendly CMS

Use your PDFs, videos, websites or pictures

Perfect solution for long term installations

B4R attention analytics

Get valuable demographic and attention based data in real-time with our ambient intelligence systems.

Visitor frequency messurement and A/B testing

Trigger customized events based on the audiences detected metadata

Create stunning targeted advertising campaigns

Engage your audience with adaptive marketing

Data privacy matters. Our systems are compliant with european data privacy regulations

Collect real time data about your target groups, campaign sucess, viewer reactions, attention span and more - anonymous and legal

Tailor-made Solutions

Sometimes the standard solution is not enough. This is where our tailor-made solutions tie in. Benefit from our skills and competences to find the perfect solution for your business.

Multilingual: C#, Java, Python, HTML5, json, ...

Cross platforms: iOS, Android, Web,...

Out of one hand:
Soft- & Hardware assambled and tested inhouse

Fullstack: Front & Backend development

Up to date: we always work with latest technology

We handle events and fairs with +1000 participants